Who are we? And how are we different from other health practitioners?

Our knowledgeable, experienced and passionate team of osteopath have helped many people to reclaim activities that matter the most.

Everything’s Progressive Osteopathy is a small tight knit-team with a passion for learning and developing their skills to help patients achieve optimal health outcomes. The team at EC are trained in Osteopathy, Applied Functional Science and Nutrition. The clinic is one of the only clinics in Australia which solely specialise in functional Osteopathy. This progressive approach is unlike any other and combines both hands-on therapy with simultaneous movement with the focus of restoring the task specific motion.

What really sets our Osteopaths apart is that we are guided by principles. Principle based practicing, allows us to look at the whole body rather than just the area of distress, because Everything is Connected. We consider the nature of the problem, the person as an individual, the body’s systems and lifestyle factors that may be influencing your pain presentation. With these considerations in mind, we assess your functional abilities and help create tailored treatment suited to your needs that help you achieve your goals!

You are in safe hands. Whatever you do in life, Everything’s Connected is right there with you.

How do our Osteopaths get the best results possible for you?

Our assessments and treatment are always based around our patients and are specific to their function. Meaning whether you are experiencing discomfort in a simple daily activity or a high intensity exercise such as sports or gym work, we assess the quality of how you perform this task! The osteopaths use their advanced understanding of mechanics to perform a thorough head to toe assessment and investigate your biomechanics. We then treat the musculoskeletal dysfunctions and teach your body to move more efficiently within your chosen task alleviating point discomfort. 

Here’s how we would help you. 

  1. We take the time to perform a thorough case history and hear your story. Here we focus on better understanding your complaint and history, other aches and pains, health and lifestyle factors and most importantly your goals. 
  2. Help you move pain free. First and foremost, we watch how you move and seek to understand what strategies your body utilizes to cope with pain. We then use this assessment to our advantage by successfully retraining your body to use ranges of motion that are currently missing or unable to perform. We then create an exercise prescription individualised to your mechanics that includes mobility, stretches & strength exercises to help you offload stress from the painful area. 
  3. Tailored Rehab Programs are constantly adapting and changing as you improve and or new injuries arise. Our ultimate aim for all our programs are to help you achieve your goals whether it be gardening pain free, to walking up stairs more confidently, running a marathon or returning to sport after an injury. In your program, you will be able to keep track of your own improvement and find your exercises are continually progressing to look and feel more similar to your specific goal task! All while having our Osteopaths guide and support you every step of the way.