Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatment

Neck and shoulder pain and dysfunction can create great distress and unfortunately is felt by most people at some point in their lives. It can affect you in many different ways. It can be felt as a sharp pain, dull ache, headache or restricted movement.

Neck and shoulder pain is often not solely just about the joints and muscles. Many different things can cause neck pain from running style to poor posture.

The human body is exceptionally talented in working around a problem area and will compensate by adjusting other joints or muscles to move or work differently. While this is usually a good short term strategy, it can create problems in the long term if not rectified.

Luckily, there is a treatment method waiting for you at Everything’s Connected. There is good evidence that shows manual therapy and specific exercises are an effective way to help neck pain and reduce its symptoms. Other good news is that you can also reduce your chances of neck and shoulder pain returning if you do the right thing quickly.

Please contact us for more specific advice on your neck and shoulder pain. We’ll happily guide you in your time of need.