Sports Performance – Injury Rehabilitation

Injury rehabilitation Camberwell at Everything's Connected



Whether you are involved in elite sport or recreational activity, our therapists aim to help you:

  • Overcome acute sporting injures
  • Rehabilitate post injury
  • Resolve chronic overuse injuries
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Achieve your personal sports goals
  • Prevent injuries

At Everything’s Connected we integrate advanced biomechanics and nutrition into our treatment approach with the aim of restoring function to the highest possible level. Being up to date with the latest research and knowledge in bio-mechanics allows us to implement these treatment methods and nutrition assists with healing time.

Hands-on treatment, education and providing self-management strategies enables you to make the appropriate training and lifestyle changes for you to attain your goals.

Sports performance enhancement

Tailored biomechanical and nutritional advice for the dedicated sports person, from elite athlete to social player.

Let the professionals review your mechanics for your given sport. Our practitioners have helped many athletes as well as Olympians with their health and performance.

Sports injury management

The number one goal is for you to get you back to your chosen sport safely and quickly. We provide custom exercises as well as advice on how to continue training while you are recovering.  Emphasis is placed on treating the cause to help prevent injury re-occurrence.  By encouraging good nutrition through whole foods and optimising lifestyle factors, we aim to speed your recovery while keeping you moving in your chosen task as much as possible.

Everything’s Connected osteopaths have undertaken further studies in the area of bio-mechanics with the Gray Institute of Functional Technology. Our team aspires to give you everything you need to obtain a performance edge.