At Everything’s Connected Osteopathy near Burwood we offer real solutions that take the guesswork out of getting better.

Longer Appointments + Movement Based Therapy + Lifestyle Intervention = RESULTS

Our osteopaths near Burwood identify the underlying causes of your condition, discuss lifestyle factors, and combine different services to get you the results you want.

Our osteopaths combine their hands on techniques with your movement for a tailored osteopathic treatment near Burwood. Your Everything’s Connected osteopath will provide:

  1. Answers: receive a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.
  2. Advice: get personalised recommendations to help you move and feel better.
  3. Adaptive Treatments: that evolve as your condition improves or as your needs change.

Your osteo will tailor every treatment so it’s right for you. No two people are alike – and neither are our treatments!


1. Recurring Aches And Pains: Are you suffering from multiple aches and pains that reoccur and don’t know why? It may all be connected.

Recurring Aches and Pains

2. Improve Health And Energy: Are you wanting to be more active and feel healthy? You’ve tried time and time again, but had no luck?

Improve Health and Energy

3. Aging But Want to Enjoy Life: Are you gradually losing the ability to do the things you love or want to maintain your independence?

Aging but Want to Enjoy Life

​4. Performance and Recovery: Are you an athlete or sportsperson wanting to improve performance, boost recovery or rehab injuries?

Performance and Recovery

5. Tried Things That Didn’t Work: Are you plagued by chronic pain or persistent injury and you’ve tried other therapies that didn’t work?

Tried Things That Did Not Work

6. Want Skills To Help Yourself: Are you tired of depending on someone else to help your pain so you want to gain the tools to be able to help yourself?

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Osteotherapy, otherwise known as osteopathy, takes a holistic approach to the treatment of pain and injury within the musculoskeletal system. It considers how the various muscles, joints, and tendons work together within the body, and uses treatment options that can vary from manual therapy, clinic exercise programs, postural and ergonomic assessments, and more.

Osteoarthritis Treatment

There is no cure for osteoarthritis but symptoms can be managed very effectively. The key is to seek an Arthritis treatment designed specifically for you. Everything’s Connected osteo team can help to reduce the pain and stiffness, increase mobility, strengthen muscles and allow you to take control of your condition by giving you the tools to self-manage at home.

Back Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

While lower back pain and other back pain is common, the diagnosis and therefore treatment is specific to you. Everything’s Connected near Burwood uses leading techniques and equipment, alongside expert assessment to treat all forms of back pain. Treatments are pain free. Highly skilled therapists will give you the tools to help you on your way to long term self management and prevention.

Neck Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

Neck pain and injury can affect you in many different ways. It can be felt as a sharp pain, dull ache, headache or restricted movement. Luckily, there is a treatment method waiting for you at Everything’s Connected. There is good evidence that shows manual therapy and specific exercises are an effective way to help neck pain and reduce its symptoms.

Shoulder Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

Our osteopathic treatments available near Burwood provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating a range of shoulder pain and injuries. Our osteo team can help you recover from shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, impingement, as well as pain from osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and more.

Hip Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

Hip pain – like many other injuries – can be caused by a range of different factors. At Everything’s Connected near Burwood, our osteopaths can help treat and reduce pain associated in the hip region – some of which including hip pain due to arthritis, hip trauma, trochanteric bursitis, among many others.

Knee Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you’re experiencing knee swelling, stiffness, weakness, instability to anything in between, our osteopaths near Burwood are here to help. We can help treat knee pain and injury for ACL injuries, torn meniscus, knee bursitis, patellar tendinitis, and others.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

The number one goal is for you to get you back to your chosen sport safely and quickly. We provide custom exercises as well as advice on how to continue training while you are recovering.  Emphasis is placed on treating the cause to help prevent injury recurrence.  By encouraging good nutrition through whole foods and optimising lifestyle factors, we aim to speed your recovery while keeping you moving in your chosen task as much as possible.

Sports Performance

Tailored biomechanical and nutritional advice for the dedicated sports person, from elite athlete to social player. Let the professionals review your mechanics for your given sport. Our osteopaths and practitioners near Burwood have helped many athletes as well as Olympians with their health and performance.

Running Injuries

Whether you’re a professional runner or simply someone who got injured while on a leisurely jog, our near Burwood osteo team can help you get back on your feet (and pain free) using tailored osteopathy treatment plans.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Our osteopaths can help you recover post-surgery using tailored rehabilitation and treatment plans. Some common post surgery rehabilitation treatments we help treat include: Knee, hip and ankle reconstructions, spinal and neurological surgery: discs, spine and nerves, Orthopaedic surgery: bone, joint and muscles, as well as wrist, hand and arm surgery.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains and injuries can be painful and limit you from partaking in low to high impact activities from walking to running. At Everything’s Connected near Burwood, your osteopath will thoroughly assess how the joints of your body interact during movement, and effectively target the underlying causes.

Plantar Fasciitis

The plant fascia acts as the foot’s shock absorber, and is the thick skin tissue lining that reaches from the heel to the toes of your feet. Inflammation or injury of the plantar fascia is known as plantar fasciitis. Although painful, the good news is our osteopath team near Burwood is highly experienced in providing tailored and prompt osteopathic treatment.

Gait Retraining

Various health and musculoskeletal conditions can cause your body’s movement to become incorrect, unstable, and unbalanced. Gait retraining focuses on helping your body perform proper movements whether for walking, running, or any other general movement. Your osteopath will take you through the proper movement techniques, exercises and a specially formulated training plan to retrain and fix any movement issues you may have.


At Everything’s Connected (near Burwood), we strive to keep our osteopathy treatments and other services priced as competitively as possible to ensure you can get the high level of healthcare and attention that you deserve.

Our osteopathic treatments can vary in costs depending on your unique situation, injuries, and concerns. You can trust our friendly and experienced osteopaths to provide a thorough examination and tailored treatment plan based on your needs.

For a general overview, here are our standard costs and pricing for our osteopathy treatments and services:

Initial Consultation 1hr: $105

This includes your osteopath performing a thorough case history, discussing your goals, a movement based assessment, hands on therapy, and providing you with a tailored treatment & home exercises.

Subsequent Consultation 45mins: $95

This includes your osteopath reassessing your movement, continuing treatment, and progressing exercises towards your goal.


With our friendly and highly experienced team behind Everything’s Connected, you’ll never have to search for your next osteopathy clinic or look up ‘osteopathy near me in Burwood’. Time and again, you’ll experience tailored, comfortable, and professional osteopathic treatment and patient care.

To make a booking and meet our wonderful and highly experienced team of osteopaths, health professionals and staff in Burwood, simply get in touch at our clinic by giving us a call on (03) 9888 6176 or send us a message on our Contact Us page! We’ll get right back to you in no time.