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Our treatments are individualised to each person to ensure you receive a therapeutic plan that works for you.

At Everything’s Connected, Progressive Osteopathy is a lifestyle approach to health improvement.

Let’s be BETTER

Progressive Osteopathy is a tailored movement approach.

Working with you, using hands-on therapy, nutrition, advanced bio-mechanics (AFS) and self management education.

We can assist people of all ages and abilities with a range of conditions from acute to chronic pain.

More than just muscles and bones-All parts of your body from head to toe.

 Your unique plan helps you to reach your individualised goals. Our Qualified Practitioners use a combined hands-on movement approach.

If you are serious about being better, CONTACT US to experience it for yourself.

Everything IS connected

Working with the principles of nature:

A Movement Approach

Motion is the lotion!

During treatment, your osteopath will ask you to move in ways that relate to your life, rather than simply lying on a treatment table.

Your osteopath will provide you with practical lifestyle and nutrition advice to fit in with the demands of your life.

  • We take the time to fully understand your personal situation and needs.
  • Long term pain strategies, not just symptom management.
  • Increased energy and mobility so you can get back to doing what you enjoy.
  • Extensive qualifications combining Osteopathy, Nutrition & Applied Functional Science.

So get in touch with one of our friendly staff today and find out how we can provide a practical and holistic approach to treating your condition or injury.

Osteopath Camberwell treats back pain using Progressive Osteopathy

Anyone can find disease.”

— A.T. Still, the first osteopath

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