Heat vs. Ice- Which one is best?

Heat or ice is a common question that gets asked in the Everything’s Connected clinic and the annoying answer is it depends. On an anatomical level, temperature changes affect the diameter of our blood vessels, which can work to our advantage when trying to target the inflammatory response, particularly when looking at acute pain.

Ice, as opposed to heat, causes our blood vessels to constrict, limiting the blood flow to the area, whilst heat does the opposite. With this change of blood flow, we also get a shift in the inflammatory chemicals to injury site, which can both relieve as well as further promote the inflammatory process to help with the overall healing time of an injury.

By incorporating the two, we can create a blood pump effect, which can provide some great relief particularly in the early stages of acute pain. So next time try interchanging between ice and heat over the painful site before reaching for your topical anti- inflammatory creams.



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