1. 3D stretching of the hamstrings

Since moving house recently my morning and night commutes to work have doubled, which unfortunately means I have to spend extra time sitting during the day. One area of my body that is not loving this change is definitely my hips, which is making my back not a happy chappy. As a result, I’ve had to change up my daily routine by making sure I put some mobility routines, particularly focused around moving my hips to prevent them from stiffening up too much. A helpful muscle group I’ve found stretching are my hamstrings. We’ve mentioned in previous blogs how important it is to stretch and mobilize our muscles and joints in all the three planes, and the hamstring are definitely no exception to this rule. These guys have an important function at the knee particularly relative to the transverse plane (rotation).

The following video for today’s blog highlights how we can incorporate this important transverse plane (rotation) when stretching our hamstrings. By using a hip hinge driver, we can pre- position our stretching leg in 3 different set- ups e.g. straight, turned out and turned in to incorporate the sagittal plane with the transverse plane. We can also add the third plane (the frontal plane) to this combination by adding a pelvic slide, giving us the perfect stretch trifecta!

It may look similar to a previous blog video you may have seen of ours *hint: check out 3D stretching of the calf.




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