Food of the Week- Garlic

Over the last week in the clinic, we’ve noticed some of our patients fighting minor sore throats and runny noses, most likely due to enjoying themselves over the Christmas and New Years break. Instead of resorting to over the counter remedies, one of the principles we love at Everything’s Connected is allowing the body to do what it does best by providing it with some useful tools. One of those tools, in this case, is garlic.

Garlic is one of the greatest enhances of the immune system and has been referred to as nature’s penicillin. Some of these benefits include helping the body lower the production of excessive mucous and expectorating phlegm.

One of garlic’s downfalls, however, is its odour, which deters some people away from consuming it. The odour that is produced is actually caused by two enzymes meeting, which is activated when the garlic clove is cut. The more you avoid bruising or cutting the garlic the less odour will be produced.

A strong remedy we tend to use to help fight off bugs and viruses is by consuming the garlic clove like a tablet. For some, you may need to cut the garlic clove into smaller pieces to make it more swallow friendly. Don’t be fearful of the odour as if you can smell garlic on yourself it may be an indication that the dose range is too high for you, so it can be a handy tool to monitor your dosage. If you are conscious of the smell, eating some orange peel, parsley or mint can work fairly quickly to eliminate this.

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