Scoliosis Correction Protocol

Learn how to treat Scoliosis from internationally renowned leader in scoliotic care Ed Paget, the creator of Scoliosis Correction Protocol (SCP)

The SCP offers osteopaths an easy-to-follow exercise and manual therapy program for managing adult scoliosis.
This 2-day practical course focuses on the management of the 4 main types of scoliotic curves (2 x S- shape and 2 x C-shape).

Through lecture, demonstration and case studies, the participants will:

• Gain a better understanding of the natural history of scoliosis

• How to identify it

• How to manage it with exercise

• How to use a manual therapy approach with patients.

Location: Melbourne VIC, AU

Time & Date: 9.00am-5.00pm, April 27-28, 2024

Venue: The Living Centre, 16 Trinity Place East Melbourne 3002

Cost: $900 – 2 days practical and online SCP course content (Valued at $750). Online content accessible for 6 months.

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About Presenter

Ed Paget is an osteopath and the creator of the scoliosis correction protocol and the back-pain correction protocol. He works in private practice globally online and in person Nicaragua and Canada. Ed has degrees in both exercise and sport science and Osteopathy

Additional Training:

• Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute

• A Diploma in Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

• Somatic Exercise Coach

• MovNat Instructor

• P-DTR Practitioner

• Wahls Certified Health Practitioner

• Hintsa Performance Coach.