UV blue light blockers – Glasses

If you’ve been into the Everything’s Connected clinic you may have noticed our funky pair of orange glasses. They’re called blue blocking glasses and are a great natural tool to improving sleep in people who suffer from sleep deprivation or have trouble sleeping after working at night.

The important sleeping hormone you may have heard of is melatonin, which responds to signals of darkness. This hormone usually starts to be released two hours before our usual bedtime. During this time, if we are exposed to too high levels of blue- light, our light and dark receptors tell our internal body clock that it’s daytime, which will cause melatonin production to be suppressed. This can be a contributing factor when dealing with patients who find it difficult to fall asleep or even stay asleep.

The glasses work by their amber coloured lenses, which filter out the blue light portion when working on technological devices at night. If you don’t have the glasses you can still avoid this blue light by avoiding using technological devices and screens in the last two hours before bed. If you don’t have the option of avoiding bright screens however, give these glasses a go!

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