The Uncommon Lunge Matrix

We had a special request earlier this week to go through the uncommon lunge matrix in response to our recent blog “We Are 3D Movers: 1 Minute Lunge Matrix”. For those who didn’t catch this, the common lunge matrix is a great, quick exercise routine which takes our legs through all three planes of motion. You can catch the video of this routine on our Instagram page: everythingsconnectedosteopathy and our website

The uncommon lunge matrix also works around the three planes of motion, however looks at the opposite motions achieved in the common matrix. Note: this is on the stance leg (straight, non stepping/ lunging leg).

So why is the uncommon lunge matrix important? Though it may look awkward, to achieve one motion we must load our bodies in the opposite. Think of a spring effect. In order to generate the most power and range when letting go of a spring, you must load it in the opposite direction. This is not only important when looking at generating more power and speed, but also when looking at gaining more flexibility. For beginners, I recommend introducing your body first to the common lunge matrix and progress into the uncommon routine once your body has gained a great 3D flexibility foundation.…/

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