Strong Willed Clinicians

Last night I had the pleasure of catching up with great friends and colleagues from my London days.

I spent close on 10 fun years living in the UK and a huge part of my enjoyment and education while there occurred at Pure Sports Medicine. Pure Sports is a phenomenal organisation and was the brain child of Andrew Willett. It is a clinic founded on team mentality, strong willed clinicians and a desire to bring the best of sports medicine to your average pundit.

What is perhaps more interesting is how that team mentality created friendships and respect across professions. These friendships are still strong even though most of us from the early days have now moved on.

At the table last night was Dave Smith founder of Absolute, Ben McChesney Balance Osteopathy, Christian Barton Complete Sports Care, Steve Galloway Complete Sports Care and of course the Chief himself Andrew Willet. Not a bad bunch of brains to once have played on the same team with and what a great group of colleagues to now bounce clinical ideas off.

This blog post was written by the osteopaths at Everything’s Connected Osteopathy.  Everything’s Connected Osteopathy is your premier osteopathic clinic located in Camberwell Melbourne on Riversdale Road.  Everything’s Connected Osteopathy are osteopaths who use movement to assess and treat musculoskeletal disorders.  At Everything’s Connected all osteopaths have nutrition qualifications and are focused on an active treatment and management plan.  Our clinic sees patients of all ages, ranging from children to the elderly.  Common conditions typically presenting to the clinic include sports injuries, osteoarthritic related aches and pains, neck pain, back pain, weight loss and upper and lower limb injuries.  To find out more about us at Everything’s Connected Osteopathy, click on the link  here.   Everything’s Connected Osteopathy is located at 734 Riversdale Road, Camberwell.  We are a short 5-minute drive from Camberwell Junction and a 2-minute walk from Riversdale Road Train Station.    Appointments can be made by calling us on 03 98886176 or emailing

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