Static or Dynamic Stretching…Which is best?

A popular question we get asked numerous times in the Everything’s Connected clinic is what stretching is best? Is it static or dynamic?

There has been a range of studies looking into this controversial topic, not only which form of stretching is most beneficial, but also are there specific times pre or post exercise you should perform them.

We know static stretching is effective at increasing the range of movement within a muscle(s), however, it has been shown performing static stretching as part of a warm-up prior to exercise can be detrimental to muscle strength. The fancy term for this phenomenon is called ‘stretch-induced strength loss’. Dynamic stretching, on the other hand, is not associated with this strength or performance deficit and has actually shown to improve power, particularly when testing jumping and running activities.

So what’s the take-home message? Both static and dynamic stretching are excellent for increasing our flexibility and range of movement. For optimising your performance during exercise, however, we recommend performing dynamic stretching prior to exercise as part of your warm- up. Static stretching can still be a handy tool particularly post-exercise, but a balance is always key. Remember at the end of the day we’re all different and unique, so what may work for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will cause the same response in another.

Keep an eye out for our future stretching blogs, where we will dive further into the world of stretching, particularly focusing on the importance of keeping it 3D and relevant to your exercise and daily life goals.

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