At Everything’s Connected, we are always on the lookout for interesting individuals who help and inspire others, the lovely Fay Peterson is certainly someone that does that.

Fay works as a clinical hypnotist and kindly took the time to answer some questions for us to give us a better insight into what she does.

Fay: The most popular misconception about hypnosis is that the subject succumbs to the will of the hypnotist. This is absolutely untrue, as the person being hypnotised is always in control, and has complete choice as to whether they accept new suggestions or not!

I would think this particular misconception comes from the field of hypnosis for entertainment, which, while the hypnotists are usually very talented, their success in getting people to do sometimes outrageous things is mainly due to their excellent processes of elimination of possible subjects, to choose the participant who is very suggestible and very  likely to be a covert show-off!

While working in bookselling and publishing for most of my life, most recently as a book buyer for a large organisation, I became interested in hypnosis after I had experienced its results first hand, when I was helped to quit smoking very easily. I became fascinated with the science and creativity behind this therapy, and began reading everything I could find about the subjects of hypnosis and the subconscious mind.

I enrolled in a Diploma course with the EICH and graduated two years later. Then I studied Ego State therapy with Dr. Gordon Emmerson and later began my certification in Rapid Trauma Therapy with Dr. Jon Connelly in Tampa, Florida, which I plan to complete in 2016.

All cases are unique and interesting, a great percentage of my clients see me for weight management, and one day a lady came to see me for this, so after she had settled comfortably in the chair, I began to speak to her, and tell her a story, afterwards, she told me, yes, she was nice and relaxed, but what I didn’t know was that she was completely deaf in her right ear, and consequently told me that she hadn’t heard a thing……..but strangely enough, she went on to shed 15kgs!

The keys to successful treatment with hypnosis are:

  • The client must be committed to change.Fay Peterson
  • It is very important for the client to feel understood by the therapist.
  • Trust is also very important, as the client will only accept suggestions/concepts which are in their best interests.
  • An open mind and a good imagination are also helpful.



If you wish to contact Fay, you can find her at: