We all know that we should eat for our health and move our bodies because it is good for us and we will look and feel better. However, we also know that that is much easier said than done.  Welcome to this mini-series from Everything’s Connected Progressive Osteopathy. Our practitioners are highly trained in nutrition, osteopathy and bio-mechanics, so we are very excited to be sharing our tips, tricks and knowledge.

Each series you will receive information on:

  1. Healing foods
  2. An exercise or stretch to assist and help prevent aches and pains
  3. A tip for improving your health


How are we supposed to know what to eat and what to avoid with the plethora of diets and detoxes and the ever-changing landscape of “super foods” and high-carb-low-fat-no-sugar-paleo-vegan-gluten-free options?

Well, first of all, everyone and every body is unique. We all have different lifestyles, stressors and requirements, so what is healthy for one person will differ to what is ideal for someone else. If something that has worked for others isn’t working for you and you want help figuring out what is right for you, come down for some expert advice from our osteopaths who are trained to do just that.

As a society we are getting sicker. Once rare, allergies are now found in 1 in 20 Australian children, and rates of obesity, diabetes, autism and heart disease are constantly climbing. You may not know that a lot of headaches can be treated by adjusting the diet! In contrast, our ancestors who ate off the land and did not have access to processed foods did not experience anywhere near the rates of our modern diseases.  That is why we will be presenting to you over the next few newsletters, dear readers, with a natural healing food, discussing it’s benefits for your health and suggestions on how to incorporate it into your diet.


What is the use of feeding our bodies the right things if we don’t use them? Modern day society encourages a lot of sitting and stillness, from desk jobs to driving to watching TV on the oh-so-comfy couch. This can lead to problems with proper functioning of our body systems including muscles and joints. Many people experience avoidable pain including back pain and neck pain. We should all be aiming for at least 10,000 steps a day, but what else can we do to keep fit and prevent injury? We will bring to you an exercise or stretch that your body will love, very effective ones that you probably won’t have come across before!


And finally, for the third tidbit, we will be providing one general tip to improve your health and happiness. This could be anything from how to sleep better, stress less or ways to make a healthy lifestyle easier, so stay tuned!Top secret health tips

We are so excited to be sharing our knowledge so get ready for the next instalment where we may or may not discuss blueberries… and more! And of course if you have any questions, or if you want to book a personalised consultation to find out exactly what your body needs, please feel free to contact us on 9888 6176 or reception@everythingsconnected.com.au.