Colonic Irrigation

As an osteopathic practice we often have patients experiencing symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, and headaches which can be associated with constipation, bloating and bowel disturbances. Early osteopathic literature talks about a process called autointoxication, a fancy word for waste build-up in the colon.

This build up leaks toxins into the general circulation resulting in a myriad of different symptoms. While autointoxication was initially discredited by the medical industry, modern research indicates there is an immune system mechanism that results from the accumulation of waste material in the intestines.

At Everything’s Connected our osteopaths typically manage this problem through nutritional changes and biomechanical correction of the spinal joint from which the nerves that supply the bowls originate. In stubborn cases, however, where the bowel is just too sluggish to move things on its own, colonic irrigation can be a valuable intervention. Aside from being able to alleviate the symptoms of joint pain, headache, fatigue and the obvious discomfort of constipation, the colonic has been shown to stimulate the tone of the bowel helping re-stimulate the bowel towards normalised function.

Colon Care Clinic has been performing colon irrigation for 20 years, contact them on, 03 9813 3713 to make your booking.