Food Of The Week- Celery

Celery takes me back to childhood days when I’d open my lunch box to celery sticks smothered in peanut butter for my morning tea. Celery is packed full of loads of fibre, which is a critical component to making sure our bowels are running on time and smoothly. Some may not realise that lower back pain, as well as aches and pains in multiples body sites, can be associated with constipation. If we’re not removing our body’s wastes efficiently, it gets reabsorbed back into our system and can have an effect on chemical and hormonal levels, which are influencing factors when looking at pain.

Celery also acts as an astringent, which is a fancy word that means it causes contraction or constriction of skin cells and body tissues. This can be a handy tool when looking at certain conditions, such as infections, including prostatitis, and high blood pressure as it has an effect on fluid retention.


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